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The West Bengal Registration Rules, 1962 has come into force by the notification no.541-Regn. dated 26 th April, 1963. There are nineteen chapters for the procedures to be adopted in the registration offices for different purposes in connection with the registration of the documents. It covers amongst different procedures – the manner of maintenance of Register books, papers and documents in registration offices and their custody and also destruction of documents, authentication of Register-Books, procedure prior to acceptances of documents for registration, fines to be imposed, procedure on acceptance of documents for registration, procedure on the admission of a document to Registration, memorandum and copies of documents, special provisions as to Power of Attorney, procedure with regard to wills, office procedures etc.

A new chapter incorporating all the provisions for the registration of the document through the system of CORD (computerization of registration of documents) Software has been added to the Registration Rules by an amendment vide Notification No.1/IGR dated-19.05.2008.

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