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Circular/Notification/Order Date:
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1 Fin-34012(21)/5/2021 05-05-2022 GO regarding Designated Refunding Officer (DRO) in the DRSR, WB
2 1282-F.T 30-10-2021 Government Notification No.: 1282-F.T. - Related to rebate on Circle Rates/IGR Rates
3 1281-FT 30-10-2021 Government Notification No.: 1281-F.T. - Related to remission on Stamp Duty
4 01 17-08-2021 Clarification regarding temporary rebates on Stamp Duty and IGR value/circle rate
5 831-F.T.FIN-34012 11-08-2021 Remission of Registration Fees for Sale after Registered Sale Agreement with Full Stamp
6 WB(Part-1)/2021/SAR 29-07-2021 Finance Act 2021
7 FIN-34012(11)/2/2021 23-07-2021 Government Order on a temporary rebate of 2 (two) percent in the prevailing stamp-duty rate for several categories of documents
8 292-F.T. 26-02-2021 Remission of stamp duty on Deed of Gift of Lease Hold Property in favour of member of family
9 IGR-163/2021 01-02-2021 Allowing delay in admission of execution without fine
10 CircularNo.1 of 2004 30-12-2020 Circulation of the Circular No. 1 of 2004
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