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1 1715-F.T. 17-10-2022 Remission of SD and RF for registration of deeds related to production of ethanol under the West Bengal Ethanol Production Promotion Policy
2 1680-F.T. 11-10-2022 Jurisdiction of DIGRs in Ranges
3 1645-F.T. 27-09-2022 Temporary remission of stamp duty by 2 percent and circle rate by 10 percent extended till 31st December 2022
4 S.O. 4720(E) 26-09-2022 Amendment of Information Technology Act, 2000 - Digital execution of documents
5 1584-F.T. 20-09-2022 Remission of Stamp Duty and Registration Fees for any transaction related to setting up of Data Centres duly approved in terms of WB Data Centre Policy
6 1436-F.T. 26-08-2022 Independent Grievance Redressal
7 2606 22-08-2022 Online registration of marriages under Hindu Marriage Act and Special Marriage Act
8 1992/DRSR-11011/7/20 22-06-2022 Designating DIGR (Inspection) Presidency Division as the SPIO of the Directorate of Registration and Stamp Revenue under RTI Act, 2005
9 WB(Part-I)/2022/SAR- 27-05-2022 Now any DSR for the district North 24 Parganas can register the property of whole district.
10 860 F.T. 26-05-2022 Re-fixation of Standard User Charges with effect from 1st July, 2022
(Since 25/05/2016)
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