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Vision Mission & Objectives

Vision, Mission and objective of the project .

Vision –

The computerization of Registration Offices in West Bengal was designed to eliminate the shortcomings of the conventional registration system and to improve citizen services by making them quicker, friendlier and transparent by re-engineering Department’s process as well as to build capacity of the members of the staff and to streamline the monitoring capability of the project team and infrastructure through the use of e-governance tools. Subsequent introduction of the unique CORD software and biometry in all the Registration offices brought about the process of e-Registration of documents, hi-tech preservation of public records and prompt deliverance of post registration services.
The highlight of current year is the change over from CORD system of e-Registration to e-Nathikaran, the nomenclature of a centralized web based registration system controlled by a high capacity State server with simultaneous implementation under the NLRMP. In this process the real time detail reports regarding registration, revenue etc. are obtainable by any authorized user by click of mouse.

Mission -

Transparent, improved and prompt citizen services through e-governance in registration.

Objectives –

1)Improving the quality of services to the citizens,
2)To introduce transparency in determination of the market value of the property through e-Nathikaran software, as the market value of all plots under the jurisdiction of the registration offices are preserved in the central server;
3)Complete replacement of manual records through the introduction of a sophisticated imaging system;
4)Replacement of manual system of indexing, endorsement, accounting and reporting. Tedious back office functions as automatic;
5)Introduction of biometric, web camera and signature pad for capturing thumb impression, photographs and signatures
6)Use of digital signatures in registered documents and post registration services like certified copies etc.
7)Seamless integration of all related system;
8)Pre registration transparency by the provision of assessment of market values by the citizens themselves through website
9)Post registration functionalities like searching of deeds and printing of certified copies.
10)On-line and off-line payment of stamp duties and registration fees through GRIPS which has already been introduced w.e.f. 02.11.2012.
11)Integration of all Registration offices with the Land & Land Records Department under NLRMP as a step towards conclusive titling.
As a whole the goal is to provide SMART governance to the registrant people by the application of Information and Communication Technology.

(Since 25/05/2016)
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