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1 Real time Searching of Registered Deed details by Name and Property available in 254 Registration Offices
2 Index of Legacy deed (Non computerized deed) is available online for a number of offices. For details see -View Legacy deed details- in this web page.
3 e-Requisition form can be filled in the website for 60 transactions of Sale, Gift, Partition, Exchange, Lease, Settlement, Release, Declaration, Copy of Decree and Bond
4 Stamp duty on immovable property valued from 40 Lacs to 1 Core has been reduced by 1 percent since 01-02-2018
5 Stamp Duty on Immovable Property Valued from 40 Lacs to 1 Core has been reduced by 1 percent since 01-02-2018
6 Following Banks are integrated with GRIPS using double verfication method:- Axis Bank,Bank of India,Bank of Maharastra,Corporation Bank,ICICI Bank,IDBI,Indian Bank,Indian Overseas Bank, Oriental Bank of Commerce,Punjab National Bank, State Bank Of India and Vijaya Bank
7 Registration has been integrated with Income Tax for verification of PAN of the parties at the time of registration of deeds.
8 All 255 Registration offices are computerised
9 e-Appointment for Registration of Deed is now available in this website for all Registration offices in this state
10 Due to maintenance activity www.wbregistration.gov.in will be down today from 4 pm onwards .
11 Integrated Queue Management System(IQMS) is operational in 27 Registration Offices
12 With effect from 1st July 2016, e-Payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fees can be made if Stamp Duty or Registration Fees payable is more than Rs. 5000/-.
13 E-Payment is compulsory if Stamp Duty payable is more than Rs.10,000/- or Registration Fee payable is more than Rs.5,000/- or both
14 Searching of Legacy deed (Non computerized deed) is available Online for a number of offices. For details see View Legacy deed details in this Web Page
15 Certified Copy of Deeds are available in West Bengal e-District
16 Honourable Finance Minister, Govt. of West Bengal inaugurated the Website of the Directorate on 2nd Nov 2012
17 E-Nathikaran and NLRMP are implemented in 255 Registration Offices
18 Please install security certificate to avoid SSL warning. Link is provided in the bottom right corner of the screen
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