Please read the following instruction carefully before proceeding further

1. Web-based e-Assessment, if generated, will be provisional one and subject to final verification by Registering Officer where the deed will be registered.
2. e-Assessment generated is valid for 44 days only from the date of generation.
3. Quoting of PAN no. of 1st party and 2nd Party (for example Seller and Buyer in the transaction of SALE) is a must where the transaction involves a property valued at Rupees 5 lac or more (IT Rules). If the party concerned do not have a PAN number, he/she will make a declaration in form no. 60/61 giving therein the particulars of such transaction. Form 60/61 is available for download.
4. Mobile number of the applicant is to be specified. Summary of e-Assessment slip will be sent by SMS.
5. If e-mail address is submitted by applicant e-Assessment slip will be sent to the specified e-mail address also.
6. Name address and other details of the 1st party and 2nd party (viz. Seller and Buyer) are to be entered to generate the e-Assessment slip.
7. Following particulars are compulsory for generating e-Assessment slip of a Property :

  • District, Thana, Mouza (other than Kolkata and Howrah corporation area).
  • Road Name (Kolkata and Howrah corporation area and some Municipal area).
  • Road Zone (Kolkata and Howrah corporation area and some Municipal area), if road has different zones.
  • RS Plot Number and Area of the Land for Land property and Area of apartment for Apartment property.