Steps of Paying Stamp Duty and Registration Fees using
Government Receipt Portal System(GRIPS)

using the Website:
1. Click On the Menu Option “PAYMENT OF TAX AND NON-TAX REVENUE”.
2. Next page will appear where you have to select “Directorate of Registration and Stamp Revenue” from “Select Department/Directorate:” Combo Box.
3. Select “Payment of Stamp Duty and Registration Fees” from the “Select Service” Combo Box.
4. The next page will appear where you will have to input “Depositor Name, Phone No(Optional), Mobile No, Address, and e-Mail Id(Optional)”.
5. Select appropriate status of the Depositor from the "Depositor Status" Combo Box.
6. Input 14 digits Query No and Query Year as printed on the e-Assessment Slip.
7. Select "Online Payment" from the "Payment Mode" Combo Box.
8. Click On the "Proceed" Button.
9. Please Wait for a moment. Information such as Applicant Name, Address, Stamp Duty and Registration Fees payable related to the Query No will be displayed automatically.
10. Please Click on the “Submit” Button, it will display Confirmation Page where all the information given by you will be displayed.
11. If all the information displayed are correct, then proceed next by pressing the “Confirm” Button. In Case, you notice there is some incorrect data given, then press the “Cancel” Button to start the process again with correct data.
12. In the next screen select the appropriate Bank for paying Stamp Duty and Registration Fees using Net-Banking Facility.
13. The next page shows the system generated GRN (Govt. Reference Number) which you should note down for any future reference. There is a “Print” Button to print the filled up e-Challan Form. Printing this filled up e-Challan will be used just for your reference.
14. Once GRN is noted down, you can Proceed with Net-Banking by clicking on the link named “Go To ”.
15. Now Log in page of the Bank selected will be displayed and the Payer will have to log on to the selected Bank page with his credentials and proceed for further payment process.
16. After Successful Payment, Bank will provide a Receipt which should be Printed/ Saved for future requirement.
e-Challan with GRN (Govt. Reference Number) and BRN (Bank Reference Number) from GRIPS portal.
Bank transaction Payment Slip provided at Banks portal after Successful Payment.
Without proper GRN (Govt. Reference Number) and BRN (Bank Reference Number) in e-Challan and Bank Transaction Slip it will not be considered as Stamp Duty and Registration Fees paid.
17. For Registration of Deed, Payer will have to Submit: